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About Us

Garage doors are prone to breaking. What do you expect? We are your team of experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining every type of garage door, no mater the shape and size.

Garage Door Repair and Installation


Your gate can break at anytime. At AYA Door Repair, we are available at anytime. We’ll come diagnose the issue and get your door working, back to how it was when you bought it.

Maintenance Scheduling


Proactive is better than reactive. Scheduling  regular maintenance on your garage door cuts the cost of repair and of course the headache of a broken device. Schedule a maintenance order now.

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All our customers have been satisfied with the service we deliver. Clear, direct, and honest is our core directive. Our goal is to build relationships in making home your home functional.

AYA Doors – Your Trusted Garage Door Repair Service in Los Angeles

Owning a home in Los Angeles means you have many utilities to take care of. Garage doors are one of those functional home utilities. In the occasion your door does decide to malfunction or break, you can always rely on AYA Door Repair, your trusted source in gate repairs and maintenance here in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Garage Doors are necessary in keeping animals out, while protecting your investment in your car from the elements. Some people attempt doing their own repair and maintenance but, with this, it requires a highly skilled individual with years of experience in electrical and mechanical repair.

Searching for a Garage Repair Service.

When searching for a service, you should filter them through multiple checks before allowing them to fix your garage door, let alone entering your home. Some repair services might over estimate and overcharge you for a simple $40 fix. Some might only get the gate to work for a short period of time, making you rely on their services indefinitely. Before you jump on selecting your provider, be sure to check if they are up to the task in getting your home functioning again. We at AYA Doors strive to provide satisfaction and return business. Our services are clear. Our pricing is honest and direct.

Technician’s ability, knowledge, and integrity

You need a provider that can assume all the nuances of the garage door problem. Some doors need highly specialized equipment, while others require a simple firmware reboot. Some services make false assumptions, labeling your door severely damaged, where it just requires a simple mechanical replacement. That is simple wear and tear, it how machines are. It is a part of the gate’s life cycle. Therefore, be careful when selecting your garage door repair provider, for they might over  bill you for parts and labor that you really do not need.

Doing the repairs yourself?

Summing up these costs and concerns, some homeowners shy away from services and decide to fix the issue themselves. This is by far the worst option because their tampering and tinkering with delicate electrical and mechanical components can make matters even worse, also more expensive. For this reason, we stress that although an expense does exist, it is crucial that a skilled and professional hand do work on the gate and it’s mechanical components rather than assuming the task of fixing it yourself.

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AYA Door Repair – Who we are

We are known to be a direct and honest service, where we communicate every detail about the job we will deliver. We have been in the gate repair business for over 10 years and we have been doing a great job at it. Our customers are happy, we are happy, and of course the gates we have repaired are happy. We understand the necessity of protecting your car and your home, so we ask you to select us in the event you need your garage door repaired. We service the entire Los Angeles area and provide quick service. Call us at 323-310-0686 to talk to one of our dispatchers to get our professional technicians at your garage door needs.